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Today, AZCERT added three new drugs to the QTdrugs List on the CredibleMeds website. 

Lofexidine (Drug for treatment of opiate withdrawal) has been added to the Possible Risk of torsades de pointes (TdP) list becuase we have found evidence of QT prolongation but no convincing evidence of TdP at this time.

Hydroquinidine (Antiarrhythmic drug) has been added to the Known Risk of TdP list because we have found evidence of TdP cases reported with its use.

Xylometazoline (decongestant nasal spray) has been added to the list of drugs that patients with congenital long QT interval should avoid if possible.


Remember that the full QTdrugs list is available in the CredibleMeds mobile app which can be obtained free from the Apple App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android devices) and the Windows Mobile Device store.

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