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A new podcast for patients is now available on Long QT Syndrome from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Anil Gehi, a physician from the UNC Division of Cardiology describes Long QT, an electrical disorder of the heart characterized by a long QT interval, which can be detected on an EKG.

In the podcast, Dr. Gehi discusses the testing and treatment for the disorder, and describes the different types of Long QT. Dr. Gehi explains that the disease can be either an inherited condition or acquired—acquired Long QT is caused by certain medications.

“There are many antibiotics, anti-seizure medicines, for example, that can cause your QT to lengthen—a whole host of medications can cause acquired Long QT,” he says.

Dr. Gehi stresses that someone who has Long QT—acquired as well as inherited—must avoid QT-prolonging drugs. He notes that he refers patients to the QTdrugs.org website as a trustworthy source where patients can find a list of medications to avoid.

Listeners can hear the podcast on the UNC Department of Medicine website, as well as access the full transcript to read the conversation.


Check it out here.

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