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AZCERT's Scientific Review Committee has found substantial evidence that Macimorelin (used for diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency),  Dexmedetomidine (sedative), Pralsetinib (Thyroid cancer), Adagrasib (NSC Lung cancer) and Tebentafusp (melanoma of the eye) are associated with the development of QT prolongation but lack convincing evidence of torsades de pointes (TdP).  Therefore, these drugs have been added to the Possible Risk of TdP category(PR) and the List of Drugs to Avoid in patients with Congenital Long QT Syndrome (DTA List).

The Committee reviewed the available evidence for the contrast enhancing agent, Perflutren, and found that there was no longer sufficient evidence of QT prolongation and  Perflutren was removed from the PR risk category.

As demonstrated by these revisions, the QTdrugs list is dynamic and changes frequently.  To perform a quick search of the Lists we recommend using the CredibleMeds website and the smartphone app (Apple or Android).

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